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Maria Antonieta Hidalgo ... Mara Teresa

Francisco Villarroel ... Antonio mayor

Slavko Sorman ... Antonio

Ral Amundaray ... Embajador

Juan Andres Belgrave ... Oswaldo

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Gibelys Coronado



Two Autumns in Paris tells the love story of Maria Teresa and Antonio when they were young. Many years later the love story happened, it's autumn and Antonio arrived in Paris, at this moment he faces the memories of an unforgettable love that scarred him forever and changed the course of his life. He arrived in Paris invited to give a conference about human rights and in the journey that leads from the airport to the event hall, reconstructs moment to moment, the love story he lived when he was young with the beautiful Maria Teresa, a young Paraguayan, political refugee who escaped from her country to save herself from the criminal repression of the dictatorship of the bloodthirsty general Alfredo Stroessner. In Paraguay, Maria Teresa was a member of a university student political group, opposed to the dictatorship, whose leader was her boyfriend Ramon. One night, when they were involved in a clandestine activity, they were detained by the regime's military police and locked in a ...


A young political refugee escapes to Paris, persecuted by the Paraguayan dictatorship, falls in love with a young law student, but must decide her future, without forgetting her struggle for freedom.

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1h 40min

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Spanish | French | Guarani

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dos ojos en un plato - Rompiendo el silencio (Club Araoz 2019) -

Dos Otoos en Paris (2019) watch movie online free

watch Dos Otoos en Paris (2019) movie online free