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Dominic Kates ... Dylan

Cody Kilpatrick Steele ... Ethan

Aimee Theresa ... Emily

Devin Kates ... Seth

Giancarlo French ... Dylan (Age 6) (voice)

Directed by

Written By

Anthony Spadaccini

Anthony Spadaccini


For Dylan Hayden (Dominic Kates), life has been outwardly idyllic, but internally agonizing. He lives every day with the fractured memories of atrocities he witnessed a decade earlier as a young boy: the murders of his parents and two sisters. To help cope with the upcoming 10-year anniversary of the now infamous and high-profile murders, Dylan agrees to be the subject of a documentary directed by opportunistic true crime vlogger Ethan Lewis (Cody Kilpatrick Steele). As Dylan's repressed memories gradually resurface, he begins to doubt everything he has ever known about his family's past - including the truth about his own brother's involvement in the murders. And when a series of events leads to a renewed public interest in the case, Dylan must confront the truth on his own and find closure once and for all.


The sole survivor of a family tragedy is forced to face the truth about the events that changed his life a decade earlier.

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Crime | Drama


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Viscera (2019) watch movie online free

watch Viscera (2019) movie online free