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Davide Borella ... Pietro

Dirk Klling ... Soldat

Sergio Leone ... Salvatore

Frank Licari ... Pipino

Thomas Pohn ... Gunther

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Set in northern Italy during the last days of the Second World War, The Final Sacrifice follows the beleaguered vanguard of Axis forces, entrenched on an increasingly isolated position and suffering daily from aerial bombings and the constant threat of attack from vengeful locals. Soon, tempters flare between these 'allies', as their enemies threaten to overwhelm them and their impending fate looms over the devastated, war-torn horizon. The saga begins in 1944, when Lieutenant Bruchner (Thomas Pohn), a man in charge of a German reserve defense unit, must contend with the ill plight of his men: starving, physically unclean, and desperately in need of reinforcements from Mussolini's loyalists, they appear to stand little chance of survival. The reality of this situation grows even clearer when the loyalists actually show up, led by Lieutenant Gianini (Fabio Sartor), and refuse to fight against their fellow countrymen in a battle that they uniformly perceive as a lost cause.


The film has never before been seen in the United States, and was prevented from release because of its unorthodox views of the war when it first premiered in 2003.

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German | Italian

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The Final Sacrifice: Directors Cut (2019) watch movie online free

watch The Final Sacrifice: Directors Cut (2019) movie online free