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John Schneider ... Daniel Bernard

Luke Benjamin Bernard ... Benjamin Bernard

Matthew Fahey ... Luke Bernard

Mollee Gray ... Ashley Walters

Tyron Woodley ... Nick Grady

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The Favorite is inspired by events that took place in Luke Bernard's life after a near fatal car accident which resulted in a "miracle" of healing. Luke walked out of the hospital to the amazement of his doctors and nurses after his parents were told not to expect him to live. Luke suffers from insomnia because of the accident. One evening, after being released from the hospital, he fell into a deep sleep and had a dream of the story which led him to write The Favorite. He finished writing the first draft of The Favorite in one month, when six months before he was relearning to write his name. The script is about Luke's own physical and spiritual transformation, told through the story of two brothers. The movie focuses on the family dynamics which result in false perceptions of who the family members are in relationship to each other. The Favorite is the story of one distanced and agitated son, hurt by what he perceives as favoritism given to his older brother, who then vents his ...


Inspired by the true events of Luke Benjamin Bernard. His spiritual and physical transformation is told through the life of two brothers.

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1h 48min

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The Favorite (2019) watch movie online free

watch The Favorite (2019) movie online free