The Cabin House (2019) watch movie online free

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Nathan Rudd ... Jake Jackson

Jeremy Rudd ... Caleb Jackson

Lena Roma ... Sarah Parker

Colin Prise ... Alex Peterson

Mehra Park ... Jessica Manson

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Gary Dauberman


Two years ago a couple college kids go missing without a trace after renting a house in a remote part of town. Caleb wants to find out what happened to those kids so he decided to rent out the same house in search of some answers. Caleb tells no one his plans but gets a group of his friends to go with him and tells them that he rented out a house for a weekend getaway trip for them all to party and hangout. The Day before the trip Caleb tells his best friend Alex of his plans to find out what happens to those missing kids.


A group of college friends rent a cabin in a remote part of town for a weekend getaway. A weekend getaway that quickly turns from a weekend of fun to a weekend of pure terror.

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Horror | Mystery | Thriller


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Traditional Finnish Log House/Cabin in 1988 and 2019 -

The Cabin House (2019) watch movie online free

watch The Cabin House (2019) movie online free