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Writer: Nick Mondo (as Matthew T. Burns)

Nick Mondo (as Matthew T. Burns)


He can make anything disappear. That's the reputation of Mexican cartel boss Fredo, who provides off-the-books assistance for those looking to cover their tracks. Approaching age 40, Fredo intends to transition to a safer life, running his successful restaurant in Baja, California. But when his ailing mother requires an expensive surgery, Fredo reluctantly accepts the high-stakes job of removing the nuclear waste from the decommissioned reactor in Fukushima, Japan. Overseas, Fredo develops a romance with entrapped single mother Tani, who is employed as his assistant. But the cleanup job quickly becomes a nightmare when Fredo finds himself working with the yakuza, under an explosive, unpredictable drug dealer called "Johnny". Personalities and cultures clash, radiation paranoia spreads - soon everyone and everything dear to Fredo is in peril. His only choice is to abandon the job and team up with Tani in a mad effort to escape with their lives in tact.


After accepting a shadowy contract to remove the nuclear waste in Fukushima, Japan, a Mexican cartel boss finds himself in serious trouble with the yakuza.

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1h 44min

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Fredo (2019) watch movie online free

watch Fredo (2019) movie online free