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Lynn Lowry ... Mary Brigid Dawson

Eileen Dietz ... Chrissy Blake

Rick Montgomery Jr. ... Solomon Taggart

Angela Duggins ... Shadow Estella

Iabou Windimere ... Dorian Lynn Dawson

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The mysterious events of "Ghost Walk: The Farm" only grow more mysterious as Estella (Dawson) Harper struggles with the truth of her family's past and history of violence. And, who is the strange Southerner who never seems to age? History from the Civil War, through the Victorian Era, and into today explode across the screen as Estella's rich and infamous family members are called to account for their betrayal. A tale of "The Ghost Walk Saga".


From "The Farm" to "Estella's Revenge" and ending in "The End Was Then", the horrors unleashed by the Dawsons take their toll on both the family and inhabitants of Dawson Falls, Ohio. The Modern Trilogy of The Ghost Walk Saga.

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Horror | Thriller


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Estella's Revenge (2019) watch movie online free

watch Estella's Revenge (2019) movie online free