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Frank Powers ... Bruise

J.D. Marmion ... Lzaro 'Redd' Renatus

Jorge Estrada ... Mayor Henry Derringer

Hector Dez ... Randy

Jerry Walker ... Ramon

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Arturo Portillo


When the city's number one hitman Bruise (Frank Powers) fiance unexpectedly appears through his scope sitting next to his latest target, he witnesses her murder and teams up with the very man he was hired to kill, Redd ( Justin J.D. Marmion). Together they seek revenge and go after his employer the corrupt mayor of the city, Henry Derringer; in an action-filled thriller exposing the corruption of the underground network.


The death of a loved one unites two men from opposite sides of the spectrum to avenge her death.

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1h 46min

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Beaten (2019) watch movie online free

watch Beaten (2019) movie online free