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Erdal Besikioglu ... Ilyas Bazna

Burcu Biricik ... Cornelia Kapp

Ertan Saban ... Wellington

Murat Garibagaoglu ... Moyzisch

Tamer Levent ... Sir Hughe Knatchbull-Hugessen

Directed by

Written By

Serdar Akar



Cicero, pseudonym of Ilyas Bazna, born 1904, Pristina, one of the most famous spies of World War II, who worked for Nazi Germany in 1943-44 while he was employed as valet to Sir Hughe Montgomery Knatchbull-Hugessen, British ambassador to neutral Turkey from 1939. He photographed secret documents from the embassy safe and turned the films over to the former German chancellor Franz von Papen, at that time German ambassador in Ankara. For this service the Hitler government paid Cicero large sums in British money, most of it counterfeited in Germany. Despite the evident authenticity of the films, the Nazi officials in Berlin mistrusted Cicero and are said to have disregarded his information. Who was Cicero? Was he a German spy or a spy working for the Turkish Intelligence (MIT)? Was he after money or was he just a man seeking vengeance for the death of his parents?


Ilyas Bazna works as a butler in the British Embassy in Turkey during WW2. After Bazna starts to work as a German spy he is going to experience a series of unexpected events.

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2h 6min

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Action | Crime | Drama | History

Turkish | German | English

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iero (2019) watch movie online free

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