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Bjrn Thors ... skar

Jel Smundsson ... Maggi

Sara Dgg sgeirsdttir ... Anna

Elvar Aron Heimisson ... Danni M

Edda Bjrgvinsdttir ... Gurn

Directed by

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Maximilian Hult


skar and Maggi are two brothers, longing for love but seemingly doomed to stay single. skar shies from relationships but is secretly in love with his childhood sweetheart Anna, engaged to another and safely out of reach. Maggi on the other hand is overly eager and goes from one relationship to another, hoping for eternal love each time. A film about the complexity of human relations and the searching for love.


Longing for love but inept at close relationships; a problem brothers skar and Maggi have in common but deal with in different ways.

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1h 45min

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Comedy | Drama | Romance


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Movie Keywords

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Sweden | Iceland

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Pity the Lovers (2019) watch movie online free

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