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Dani Rovira ... Len Lafuente

Joaqun Furriel ... Diego Manfredi

Ingrid Garca Jonsson ... Sandra Snchez

Jorge Garca ... John Prez (as Jorge Garca 'Perrichi')

Juan Vinuesa ... Paul Prez

Directed by

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Alejo Flah



Madrid (center to Spain and country's capital). Len Lafuente is a taxi driver in a permanent state of angry and bad humor: the several debts he has with the bank threatens to lose his taxi and his house where he lives with his wife Rosario, a hairstylist which hairdressing saloon is in risk to close due to the bars and pubs opened in the neighborhood, in addition that Rosario is incoming to give birth their first child. Just when Len thinks that his life cannot worsens, chance makes that his new client in the taxi be Diego Manfredi, an Argentinian lawyer and prison inmate free a few hours ago after a conviction by fraud. Without money and resources, Diego asks Len going where lives Alicia, Diego's ex wife, hoping to fix the things between them. But Alicia rejects Diego's request for help after he ruined her family, her business and her money, leaving him alone. Not having money to pay Len the travel, Diego asks Len a crazy petition: travel to Rock of Gibraltar (Cdiz, south to ...


Two desperate men turn in an uncomfortable business partners to find a secret gold looking for change their bad star.

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1h 32min

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Spanish | English

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Taxi a Gibraltar (2019) watch movie online free

watch Taxi a Gibraltar (2019) movie online free