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Shusei Nomura

Makiko Watanabe

Mio Yki ... Uran-chan

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The film was inspired by the true life events of rapper Anarchy. Atomu's mother did her best, but it was not perfect. He grew up in an uneasy environment and had to struggle. The man stuttered as an adult as he did as a child and this made him coy and uneasy. He does menial jobs and almost expects less than zero from his world. However, rap is his love and when someone likes something good things begin to happen and success follows.


Atomu was raised by his mother in a poor environment. He is now a young adult with a timid personality and stuttering. To support himself, he works for a junk collecting company. His life changes when Atomu finds inspiration in rap music.

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1h 35min

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Drama | Music


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Walking Man (2019) watch movie online free

watch Walking Man (2019) movie online free