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Michelle Krusiec ... Lin Johnson

Sunil Shetty ... Sada nair

Randeep Hooda ... Ghulam

Neetu Chandra ... Pinky

Alfredo Tavares ... US Marshal / Secret Service

Directed by

Written By


Vishram Sawant


Ghulam ( Randeep Hooda) is a police informer for encounter cop Sada Nair (Sunil Shetty), Ghulam wants his brother to continue with his studies and does everything possible for him to do so. Ghulam brother gets killed in gang war and he feels its because of Mumbai police Ghulam becomes completely disillusioned with Mumbai police and ventures on his own business. He approached by by a businessman to deliver some packages. Ghulam doesn't bother to verify what are in the packages and t results in bomb blasts across Mumbai. Seeing at the savage destruction and the betrayal, Ghulam decides to go alone avenge the planners of the blast.


It is a realistic film about poor people based in Mumbai who turn criminals.

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Action | Crime | Drama


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Shooter (2019) watch movie online free

watch Shooter (2019) movie online free