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Martin Slipak ... Agustn Levi

Laura Grandinetti ... Marina (joven)

Javier Lorenzo ... Pablo

Cesar Brie ... Carlos Gonzlez

Maria Canale ... Marina

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Directors: Francisco Novick , Natalio Pags



Agustn, an internationally reputed Argentinian scholar settled in Norway, is obsessively devoted to intellectual work. When Agustn returns home to take part in a literature congress, he tries to reach Gonzlez, a former high school literature professor and his role model in life. But when the meeting takes place, Agustn's idealized image of Gonzlez will collapse and his certainties will suddenly struggle.


An Argentine scholar living abroad returns home to meet an old school professor, his role model in life. But the meeting will take an unexpected course.

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Spanish | Norwegian

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Lost Time (2019) watch movie online free

watch Lost Time (2019) movie online free